Healing Treatment is a gentle and very effective treatment that helps remove blockages caused by stress and traumas.

In just one treatment it’s possible to remove blockages, that has a negative effect on you, in your body and mind.

By tuning into your energy- and chakra system the therapist can find and remove your blockages and help you find ways to improve your mental, emotional and physical well being. 

The treatment is for anyone who wants to reconnect with themselves, or those going through stress, pain, anxiety, physical and emotional tension. The healing focuses on where you need it the most. 

The sensations during and after the treatment are individual, many people feel a higher energy flow and happiness. Some face great emotional relief and some fall asleep. There are no rules, as it is very individual. The body reacts in tune with your needs.

Therapist recommend one more treatment to follow up after the first session, but it’s possible to have just one sessions or to get healing treatments regularly . 

The session is in english.

Time 70min