The Swedish experience

The Swedish experience – Centralbadet

1 200 SEK (Mon-Fri) / 1 400 SEK (Sat-Sun)
  • Swedish massage 30 min
  • Entrance Spa with swimming pool, spa pools, sunroof, sauna (5), gym inside/outside (3h visit). 
  • Robe, towels, slippers (for rental).
  • Toast Skagen with IPA or draft beer, (alcohol free option available). 
    (Ecobaren garden restaurant at Centralbadet.)
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To book:, phonenumber: +46 8 21 88 21
More information about this offer:
Enjoy a classic Swedish spa day with a classic Swedish massage – 30 minutes, in Centralbadets Art nouveau spa, in central Stockholm city. 
Take a relaxing swim in the historic jugend 25 yards swimmingpool anno 1904. 
In the ”Roman bath area” you will find jacuzzi, thermal bath, cold pool and Kneipp bath (circulation bath), different types of saunas including infrared (IR), Nordic sauna, steam room, singing dunes (desert/saltstone sauna) and a lovely crystal/herbal sauna. 
Enjoy the sun outside on the rooftop terrace or inside in the restaurant, where you will find sun even on a cloudy or rainy day. You can also find an outside vintage gym on the roof. 
A Skagen toast and a cold IPA or draftbeer in the garden or inside at restaurant Ecobaren. Don´t miss the beautiful fishpond in the garden. The garden is a beautiful hidden gem, in the centre of Stockholm. (Non alcohol options are available).